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She's Got the Hypochonderia! - November 12, 2014

Ciao, Famiglia! 

So, this has been a pretty hectic week! It's flown by for me! So, Thursday we had new missionary training, and it was great to see how all the peeps from my MTC zone are doing and to hear their crazy stories! Man I love them so much! Then that night, two of the Sorelle who had come to training missed their train home, so we had an impromptu sleepover with them, because the training was held in our area! One of them was Sorella Hogan.  It was it was cool to talk to her a little but I felt pretty bad because they were so exhausted. Then the next day I had my first real scambio for 24 hours. I went to Bergamo and met Sorella Gluck (idk about the spelling). She's from Germany so it was really cool to talk with her about the differences of living/growing up in different countries. It's a seriously gorgeous city, and I think we might want to spend a p-day there. While I was in Bergamo, Sorella Carter and McMurray were tearing it up in Milano, they found 5 new simps(simpattizzanti) and a potential in that 24 hours! I was pretty impressed. 

Saturday there was a ward talent show, which was fun, but it started about an hour late. I'm told this is normal for Italians. But there were a tooon of non-members and less actives and simps there, so that was really cool! Oh, and I had the first guy try to do the cheek kiss thing with me. Super awkward, luckily he spoke English so I was able to adequately explain that I couldn't do it. But this guy is really cool. He's not a member, he just comes to our English class, and he's amazing at English. I hope the Anziani can get him to come to sacrament some time, because he's so cool! He came to General Conference so he could watch it in English and practice his English. Anywho, the talent show didn't end till like 11, but we took off at 10. We had to stay that late becuase we were in a skit with the anziani, the four of them were doing a slow motion race to a trophy for best missionary, and then we came in at the end and walked right past them and took the trophy. I promise it was funnier than it sounds. 

Sunday we went to an inactive member's birthday party, which we thought was going to be a sit down lunch or something but actually turned out to be a real party with music and random people there, so we made the best of it and tried to talk with the non-members there about the church. It was interesting! And she ended up serving HUGE plates of this dish of rice, chicken, hot dogs and shrimp. South American food is crazy. It was pretty decent, and I ate as much as I could, but wow, if you don't clean your plate, they think you didn't like it. So I'm going to have to start eating a ton more and trying to exercise more after. To answer your question, I've been fed in member's homes twice so far. Lampugnano isn't an area were you get fed a ton, but there are other areas where you'll get fed 3 or 4 times a week. We do get some awesome food at FHE at the church, so that's cool. Oh, and we don't have a scheduled time for dinner, so we eat a big lunch and have a snack when we get home at night. Dinner time is just prime proselyting time here and 1-3 is dead, so we study then.

We had the primary program on Sunday and the missionaries actually sang in a few songs in it because the primary is so small, but it was fun. The kids are soo cute and the songs were really great.  Monday we got dinner again (that was the second time) at an FHE with an inactive family. They had invited two friends and it was pretty crazy because one of them was insisting that Mormons are polygamists and we were trying to say no, we are Mormon and we are not. But she kept on saying that she's studied this and she knows we are. We finally managed to convince her that we are not and we ended up having a good lesson at the end, so that was really cool. The other lady bore a beautiful testimony about making covenants with God and how he loves us. 

We're trying to teach 21 lessons this week, which is a lot, but we have faith that we can do it. We seen some amazing things everyday and we've heard amzaing stories from other missionaries. We know that this work is ture and that God supports us every step of the way. So, I just have to remember that when I'm choking down mysterious chicken parts in South American dishes. 

Yesterday, we met a man who had a crazy story about crossing into the US illegally with the help of a coyote and then getting sent back to El Salvador after being caught by the police and finally making his way to Italy. It was pretty crazy. Oh, and the title of my email. So, my collega was talking about how she gets so worried about how she has all of these diseases, like how she had some bugs bites and thought it was some sort of really bad rash. So I explained to her my knowledge of hypochondria, which she'd never heard of, so I felt so smart and I have Boy Meets World to thank for that. Now all I've been able to think about for the last few days is about Cory and placebos and Uncle Sammy Sosa.

So, as for your questions! The people here are so crazy and fun! We have a pretty big ward and they're awesome. My collega is so much fun and crazy and she's spiritual and awesome! I love her!  

Random stuff: Sorella Hawks lives in a full-on villa, like two stories and all! I may have witnessed a sketchy drug deal in Bergamo, I'm not sure. Digiorno pizza di=of and giorno=day, so Daily pizza, mind blown. There was a crazy tren (trains that go on rails through the streets, they're like the size of three buses) driver that was trying to push through a busy intersection and almot got hit a few times and at one point he climbed down out of the tren and started yelling at another tren driver. Ummm, I can't think of anything else for now! 

I love you all so much! And I love all the emails, keep em coming! Have an awesome week!
 Love, Sorella Snow

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