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Once Again I'M ALIVE But Now I'm in Milan - November 5, 2014

Ciao, Famiglia! 
Ahhh! So this has been a pretty insane week! I met my trainer, Sorella Carter, and she's been pretty awesome! She's crazy and fun! Also, my new district is pretty cool and I think we're going to have an awesome time(I'm still working on learning their names but give me a break, I'm learning a whole new language!)
The first day, we went to the Duomo  (IT IS AMAZING) and did some finding. It was sooo intimidating.

So, yeah, most of you already know, but my first area is the Lampugnano (gn makes the sound like in canyon and gl makes the sound like the l's in million) area, which is in the actual city of Milan! Isn't that so cool?!?! I get to start off in the main city! We use mezzi(metro) and buses everyday and all the buildings look cool and Italian-y. 
So, I've aleady been seeing lots of teeny miracles each day and it's pretty amazing seeing how much the Lord cares about each of his children and helps us all out! My first Thursday, we had a ton of appointments fall through, so we were just walking around trying to find someone to teach when we came across a ward member who really needed someone who talk to. She's been going through a really rough time and since our appointments fell through, we were in the right place to meet and talk to her and help her out. Everything happens for a reason. 
That same night, the Anziani tried to prank us on our walk home. They put a carved jack'o'lantern in our path and put a phone inside of it which they called and tried to freak us out.  Unfortunately for them, it didn't scare us. So, the next night they got our address and sent us a pizza that we had to pay for as another prank attempt. But then the pizza place found out and ended up calling them back and shouting at them for doing that to us, so it kinda backfired. They're pretty funny, though! Oh, and I was asked about polygamy my very first day, so that was fun! (not)
We had an English class the first Thursday, (thank goodness) so I got a chance to actually talk with people and understand them. 
Oh, also, unbeknownst to me, Sorella Hawks warned Sorella Carter that I'm a total klutz on my first day, and then I ended up tripping and twisting my ankle and scraping my knee really bad (it was actually super bad, like blood dripping all the way down my leg and we had to go into a pharmacy to patch it up) like an hour later, so that was kinda embarrassing. Thankfully, my ankle's already mostly better, so that's a tender mercy.
So, I usually start all of my conversations with people by telling them I'm new here and asking if I can practice Italian with them, and they're usually pretty happy to do it, and then I wind the conversation around to the gospel because they're usually looking at my tag a ton. It's pretty interesting. Almost everyone believes in Christ and most of them are Catholic, so you can usually have a good conversation going, but it's just so dang hard to understand them! They all talk so quiet and on the bus or the mezzi, it's really hard to understand them! Oh, well, The gift of tongues is helping me! Plus, I can't spell English words for my life anymore, so have fun with that! 
Everyone's super warm and inviting, if only I could understand them. Everyone calls me Sorella Nuova.
Sunday was pretty good. It was fast Sunday so we had testimony meeting and wow I have no clue what anyone said. There was one lady I could understand and I was so excited, but then Sorella Carter leaned over and told me she was an American and had an American accent. I had a scambio(exchange)  on Monday with Sorella Hawks! Both our colleghi are STLs (sister training leaders) so we were together while they had a meeting. We went and did some parco( finding in a park) and it was good to see her again! 
We had FHE last night and it was fun! Only like six members showed up, so half of the people there were missionaries, but it was good! We played a game and had a spiritual thought and I got to try and know some people better. 

On her first p-day in Milan, Sorella Snow visited the Duomo and an interesting church that is not far from the Duomo.
 San Bernardino alle Ossa is best known for it's ossuary, a small side chapel that is decorated with human skulls and bones.

Inside one of the chapels at San Bernardino alle Ossa

It's been raining cats and dogs the last couple of days, and man, when it rains in Milan, it pours. But I love the rain so it's okay! 
Umm, what else. I was trying to say we want to share a message (Vogliamo condividere un messaggio) but said we want to become a message (Vogliamo diventare un messaggio). So I can't think of much else for now! But I love you all so much! 
Love, Sorella Snow 

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