Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week Has Flown By For Me - October 1, 2014

Ciao, Famiglia!
Thanks for your emails! Seriously there is nothing better than getting letters and email!
Dad, that story was so awesome!I really appreciate Elder Ballard and his sense of humor now. There are four elders in my district, in addition to me and my comp. There are six sisters in my room, the other four are in a different district, sorry if I wasn't clear! There are about 34 people in my zone, five of whom are going to Romania and are learning Romanian, and the rest are going to Italy, about half to Rome and half to Milan. Everyone in my district is going to Milan and two of the other Sorelle in my room (Sorella Hogan and Sorella Yonk) are as well. I seriously love my district and my roommates, they are all so awesome and fun (we joke that only crazy and fun people get sent to Italy), but we can also get down to business (to defeat the Huns) and feel the spirit as well. 

Sorella Hawks is from New York, about an hour north of NYC. She loves signing and is super good at it! We sing hymns like 50 times a day and I always feel the spirit so strong (even if Italian hymns are crazy and weird and mush words together!)

I love your ward goal! I love going to the temple so much, Mom should really send me some names when I get to Italy so that I can do them in the Rome or Swiss Temples!

Sorella Hawks and Sorella Snow at the Provo temple
I am geeking out so much about the Dodgers, but none of the other Sorelle really care about baseball or Kershaw. Ah, so sad! 

I liked what you said about getting members more active in helping with missionary work! We've been learning a lot about how members and referrals are the best possible way to get to know investigators. It;s so important and I never realized that before!

Mom, Yay, I'm so excited you're not in last place! Hahah.But seriously, good work! I told some of the other Sorelle about your bowling reports and they're loving them! That's really interesting about your family history, it's kinda like it's  a mystery or puzzle sometimes. I liked what you said, Mom, about being the answer to someone prayers! What we keep on learning is that God is preparing the people in Italy to hear and learn about the gospel, even as we are being prepared to teach it to them, and that there are people there we are meant to teach! It's really crazy to think about!

Well, this week has flown by for me! Our Simpatizzante, Claudio, became our teacher, Fratello (Bro) Knutson! He's really awesome and an amazing teacher. We now have two new simpatizzanti, Keyla(said like Kayla, and played by our teacher Sorella Mohrman) and Antoine (who is once again Bro. Knutson) these simpatizzanti are based on actual investigators that our teachers had in Italy, so it's pretty cool! 

We had fast sunday this week, and it was a really interesting and spiritual experience to have it at the MTC! That night we watched a film called Legacy and it was just the cheesiest and most ridiculous thing ever! We had fun watching it because it was so cheesy! I told Zach more about it, so get him to show you his email if you're curious! We sang in the choir again this week and it was super cool. I love the speakers we get here, I feel the spirit so much every day! 

One funny thing, so apparently, one night, one Sorella woke up during the middle of the night and after being awake for a minute, she heard me speaking in my sleep, and she said I was saying Italian words! Kinda weird, right? Maybe thinking about it all night will help me learn faster! haha

Well, I'm almost out of time so I'd better go! I love you all! 
Love, Sorella Snow 

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