Monday, October 27, 2014

I guess it's true that I sleep talk - October 22, 2014

Ciao, famiglia!

So, one more week until we take off for Milan! We got our flight plans this last Friday and we are so excited to go!

Mom, that Pres. Monson quote, seriously one of my FAVORITES from conference! Wow, he is just so awesome! We can't wait to get conference Ensigns, but we think they might be in Italian since we'll be over there by the time they come out. I may not be able to fully understand them for a little while!

The Build-a-Bear idea for Juliet is so cute!, Ugh, whenever we have a free minute, everyone talks about how much they miss their nieces and nephews, they're just so cute!
I got the temple cards last Friday! We're planning on doing them today! The other sisters are just as excited as me! They think that it's so cool that we're actually doing real Italian names right before we leave for Italy. Two of the sisters are actually going to Rome, so Sicily is in their mission! We were all reading the names and getting super excited last night!

I got my package this morning! Thanks! So much! We're super excited to have some goodies and I think we might save some to take on the plane. I was psyched to get it! Thannnks!

So, this week was pretty good for all of us. We had our last lesson with Keyla because Sorella Mohrman wants us to act as simpatizzanti for each other for the last week. We've also had some really good lessons with Antoine again, it's going to be weird having real investigators that don't have to meet with us when me get there, but we're super excited!

Our Devotionals this Sunday and Tuesday were really good. We had another football player, Chad Lewis (Fratello Knutson was jealous) and Elder Godoy of the 70. I think I already mentioned this, but his son is in our zone, so it was pretty cool for him that he got to see his dad and mom for a day. The devotional choir director mentioned to us that the next month is going to be seriously awesome speaker wise, so we're a little bummed cause we think there's going to be a few Apostles in the next month.

Some fun/funny things this week: At the temple this Sunday, as we were walking around the grounds, this little boy came up and started waving at us and shouting "Hi missionaries!" we all felt pretty cool. My collega says that she woke up one night to me conjugating a verb in my sleep and then singing Ho Bisogno, which is the Italian version of I Need Thee Every Hour. So, I felt a little bad that I woke her up, but pretty psyched that I was talking Italian. Oh, and earlier in the week, I actually said a word so loud in Italian that I woke myself up in the middle of the night. So, I guess it's true that I sleep talk, I never really believed people when they told me.

One anziano fell asleep in a devotional this week and his head was swinging back and forth and he almost nailed the elder in front of him. We were dying. I was trying to say that  we are the covenant people of God and accidently said Siamo il popolo delicioso di Dio, or we are the delicious people of God.

I had a kinda bad cold this past week, which was pretty frustrating because it makes averything so much hard and can really drain your motivation if your not careful, but I'm happy to report that I feel pretty much fine now.

Hmm, I think that's all for now! I'm just so excited and can't wait to serve the people in Milan! I know that the Lord has been helping me every step of the way so far, there is no way I could have learned and grown so much in this amount of time without Him. I love you all! 

Love, Sorella Snow

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