Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My First Real Letter! - September 24, 2014

Ciao, Famiglia!

Thanks for your letters! It was so great to hear from you all! 

So, it's all been pretty hectic and really exciting! I love my district and my zone, the anziani and sorelle are awesome! We also have some Romanian missionaries in our zone. I've seen some girls from my hall and Bethany and Carson and Davis and Elder Pace, so that's been pretty fun! We're teaching an "investigator" named Claudio and he's been pretty awesome, I think they're starting us off with someone easy! It's really amazing how much of the language I already understand, and I know that I could never do this without God's help. We taught our first lesson in Italian with Claudio on Friday, so they really do make you jump right in.

My companion, or collega, is Sorella Hawks, and she's pretty awesome. She's funny and sweet and  she knows the language really well because she took it for like 5 years during school and a year at college, she helps me a ton! She's so spiritual and a real inspiration to me. We have four Anziani in our district, Anziani Davis, McPherson, Mayberry and Hubbard. They're all awesome and funny and I can tell we'll have a good time! There are six sisters in our room! Sorella Hawks and I, and Sorella Yonk, Hogan, Fuller and Bray.

I'm so glad I took so much Spanish in high school because it's really helped me. Some of the other anziani, didn't take any languages before coming and it can be a real struggle for them. My teacher, Sorella Mohrman, told me that I'm doing really well, and she was pretty shocked when I told her I haven't taken any Italian before!

On Sunday we walked to the temple in pouring rain and it was pretty fun, some people took some awesome group pics so I'll try to get some to send to you. We got to watch the Ogden temple dedication and Pres Monson and Elder Bednar spoke. I felt the spirit so strongly, it was awesome! Also, I sang in sacrament meeting with my district, I know your shocked, but I didn't have much choice. It was fun, we sang Nearer My God to Thee.

We woke up late on Monday because our alarm got turned off during the night. We were 30 minutes late to our service project. So that was a kinda bad start to our day. Before you ask, yes I get up on time each day, and I'm not even the worst one at it! Later that same day, the fire alarm went off while we were in the shower and the matron lady started shouting at us to throw on a robe and get outside, so we were all screaming and frantically running down the stairs wearing towels or robes or the bare minimum of clothes. Some of us had wet hair or soap all over us and it was pretty cold outside. It turned out to be a drill. At least we can laugh about it now!

Last night we had Tuesday devotional, and Elder Ballard spoke to us! It was amazing to hear him. He had some excellent advice to missionaries, like that every one soul is of value and deserves to be brought unto Christ and he told us to just get up and do our best each day. I don't have my notes with me, so that's all I can remember now. Sorella Hawks wanted to sing in the choir at devotional, so we did. We sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer, and it was pretty cool. The choir director is really funny. The elders get to sing in general conference but not the sisters, so we were pretty bummed about that.

Well, that about sums up my week! I've felt the spirit so strongly every day! I know I'm where I'm supposed to be, and even though it's hard, I'm loving it. I love you guys!

Love, Sorella Snow :)

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