Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"We are the green beans of God" and other mess-ups - October 8, 2014

Ciao Famiglia!

Come va?!?! (How's it going) We had another awesome week here at the MTC. We had TRC on Friday where we go talk to members or anyone who speaks Italian. There was actually an Italian convert from Southern Italy who was in town for conference and we talked with her. It was pretty crazy and intimidating, she talked so fast! It's amazing knowing that we'll be able to understand that in a few months! 

We also watched a talk from Elder Bednar that he gave at the MTC about the 20 Mark Note, you've probably heard it before but it was awesome and he talked about how you don't know you have spiritual revelation until after, you don't always recognize that you're acting with the spirit in the moment. I really liked it because it's sometimes hard to know when you have spiritual promptings. He said just be good and do your best and don't worry, the spirit will do the rest!

We had another lesson with Antoine on Friday, and wow, it was amazing. The first lesson was discouraging because he was talking about how much he loved to drink and party and we didn't think we would ever get through to him. This lesson, we had all of our lesson planned out and knew what we wanted to say, but when we got in there, the spirit had another idea. We were talking about prayer and I felt the impression to say how prayer gives me happinesss, and he really latched on to that. He talked about how he wanted to be happy, that drinking only made him forget temporarily. He asked if prayer could make him happy all the time and we said yes. He said he wanted that, so we challenged him to pray right there. He did and by the end of it, he was crying!! We asked him to be baptized and he agreed to do it on the 22 Oct! It was just so spiritual and amazing!! We had been determined to teach another lesson, but the spirit lead us right where we needed to go to help him! He said he would read the book of mormon and pray about it and attend conference! It was just incredible. I have never spoken the language so easily as I did during that lesson with Antoine. I usually hesitate or don't speak because I;m afraid of butchering the language, but wow, I just went for it and I learned that the Lord will help make up the difference! It was an amazing lesson and experience for me as well. After, our teacher came up and said that it had been like a spiritual sauna, and that he was amazed! I just want very lesson to be like that!

I loved the conference talks! You're right dad, I loved Elder Bednar! The whole conference we wanted a missionary talk because we're missionaries here now, and wow he was awesome! I also liked Elder Ballard's river rafting allusion and Elder Godoy's talk (his son is actually an anziano in our zone!) Elder Holland was amazing as always. It was just so spiritual and awesome!! Wow. I don't have my notes, so I don't remember what quotes I liked, but the whole experience was amazing. 

So, I can't remember if I told you guys these mess ups before, but here they are. Sorella Yonk said that Jesus deep fried for our sins, becuase deep fried is soffrito, very close to the actually word for suffer. Sorella Bray asked an investigator if they had a relazione with God. She wanted to say relationship, but that means exclusively a romantic relationship. Anziano Davis tried to say we are the children of God (Siamo i figli di Dio) But he said siamo i figilio di Dio, which means we are the green beans of God. 

We watched the Restoration film on Sunday, which was about Joseph Smith, and I was seriously sobbing because the end is so sad!! Oh, well. Sorella Hogan was laughing at me! Also, we had a devotional where Vai Sekehema talked. He was some football player. Anyway, he was sooo funny, he told the most amazing stories about being a missionary every day! 

We didn't get to watch priesthood session, but we saw videos of the elders singing at devotional on Sunday night, we saw some of the anziani a ton! Man, I miss London! She is just too cute!! That's so cool, Mom, about Lauren's experience, wow, there was some serious help from the spirit going on there! The other sisters loved it also! I am so excited for a package, that and letters or dear elders are basically the most exciting thing to happen sometimes!

One of the anziani actually showed us a little wooden plan of salvation puzzle thing in italian that his seminary teacher sent him. Was it like that? It was super cool!  

Well, it was great to hear from you! Lots of love! 
Love, Sorella Snow

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