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And the transfer news is... - April 15, 2015

"Look Mom!  We make Caprese too!"

Ciao, tutti! 

So, first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPH!!! I hope it was a seriously spectacular day! 

Second, transfer news! So, I'm being transferred to Livorno! I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed at first and I'm still a little sad. I'm gonna miss Torino and I'm sad I only got one transfer here. I'm also gonna miss living in four and especially I'm gonna miss Sorella Mantz. We've seriously hit it off and I love her to pieces, and I know that we're going to be friends after the mission. We were pretty shocked, absolutely no one thought that I would be leaving. But, the Lord has other plans, so I'm going to Livorno tomorrow. My companion will be Sorella Kras, who is from Germany. Livorno is almost at the very south of the mission and it's in Tuscany and apparently on the coast, so it'll be beautiful! 

So, questions! Yeah, In bocca al lupo means it the mouth of the wolf and it's like good luck or break a leg. The response is Crepi! meaning Kill it! 

So, last week! On Thursday and Friday, Sorella Mantz got sick. Not with what I had, but a pretty bad sinus infection or something. She's much better now, but for those two days we stayed in mostly and took it easy. Thursday morning, we had zone training, so we had to go to that, and it was pretty good! Friday, I got permission to go out with Sorella Nilsen for a few hours to go to an appointment with Mariam. It was a pretty good lesson and it seems like she's really progressing! 
Sorelle Snow and Mantz with Nelly
Saturday, we got transfer news and we saw Susana. Sorella Nilsen is going to Piacenza and Sorella Stephens is staying here. Sorella Albos (from the Philippines) is coming to be with Sorella Mantz. The lesson with Susana was pretty good. She's really cool and I know that she'll join the church one day, even if it's not when Sorella Mantz or I are here.

Sunday, we had church of course! And that night we had a dinner appointment with Sara and her friend (who's not a member) Giuseppina. It was a really good lesson! Sorella Caggese has a beautiful testimony and a beautiful family! Her youngest son, Rafaele, is just about the cutest kid ever (besides my nieces of course!).
Maria and Sorella Snow
Monday morning, we went to a wedding! It was sooooo beatiful! It was for two of the anziani's simps, Joy and Godwin. They're Nigerian. It was so much fun! Africans really know how to party! We made some pretty beautiful brownies (they were super tacky) for the reception.
Throwing the bouquet

Beautiful brownies

Having fun at the reception
Then we had district meeting and we saw Susana again that night to say goodbye.

Trying to throw flowers into the air

Saying good bye to Susana

Tuesday, there was the baptism of Godwin and Joy. It was honestly, probably the most beautiful baptism I've seen so far! They were both just so ready and they are so excited to be sealed in the temple in a year! After, we had a baptism reception and birthday party for the anziani's other new convert, Fiorenzo. It was lots of fun! We of course made more brownies (Italians love 'em!).
Sorella Mantz wearing an African dress to the baptism

Today, we didn't do much, I finished packing, and we just kinda hung out, since half of our apartment is leaving Torino.
At the market outside our house

Some chocolate I bought for the family (specifically for Mom).  You'll get those in a year!
The other sorelle always write "Snow White" on my cereal box
"What happened to my boots after the winter ended!"
Name tags on the bed

Well, that's about it for me this week! I don't have a ton of time because our normal internet points were all shut down today and we had to come use the church computer. 

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for your support and love every week! I hope you have a fantastic week! Vi voglio un mondo di bene! 

Love, Sorella Snow 

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