Friday, March 11, 2016

One more time... - March 9, 2016

Ciao, tutti!

Alright, so we were pretty busy this week! We had a ton of people we
needed to see before I leave. Last Thursday, we saw Gaia in the
morning. We always have great lessons with her. We talked about Esther
and watched a Mormon message about courage. That afternoon, we saw
Liri. It had been a long time since we'd been able to because things
just kept coming up and either she or we would have to cancel. It was
a really good lesson, she's a really sweet lady. That night we saw
Valeria. She wasn't feeling too well so we just had a short lesson and
I said goodbye.

Friday, we saw Sorella Alteri. She committed to trying to think of a
friend with whom she can share the gospel. Then we saw Marilyn with
Marisol. It was good. Marilyn committed to starting to read the Book
of Mormon again, she said she would also come to some activities in
church, so we're excited for that! Then we went to see Morena but her
mother was sick so we could only stay with her for a few minutes.

Saturday, we did weekly planning. I'm not gonna lie, I'm relieved to
be done with weekly planning. That day we saw Sabrina and Paolo.
We (the sisters) had stopped visiting them and the anziani had been
going instead (Sorella Bastian hadn't been able to go because she was
allergic to their cat), but they asked us to come one more time so
they could say goodbye to me. We also got transfer calls. Sorella
Arbon's new comp is named Sorella Bartsch, she's from Germany.

Sunday, we had church! It was sad to say goodbye to everyone. Sorella
Alteri had thought of a person she could introduce to the gospel so
she gave us the name of a friend to passby. We did some different
passbys that night.

Monday, we had district meeting, like always. That afternoon we saw
Diva and Debora. They're so funny. After that, we saw Sanela! She got
back from Germany. Cristian, the first thing he did was ask again
about when he can be baptized. We had a really great lesson with them.

Tuesday, we got in contact with the friend of Sorella Alteri! She was
about to leave her house when we passed by so she didn't let us in but
told us we could come back! We saw Marisol and Antonio to say goodbye,
we also saw Maria. That night we had FHE and a lot of members showed
up to say goodbye to Anziano Gibbons and me.

Wednesday, we have been running around crazy to get stuff ready.
Sorella Arbon's new comp also was scheduled to come a day early so we
picked her up from the station and have had to walk all over town
because we don't have another bike for her to use. It's been good
though,so she seems really nice.

Well, I'm really sad to leave but really excited to see you all! I
love you, I hope you have a great day!
Love, Kim

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