Monday, October 26, 2015

I shouted for joy:) - October 14, 2015


Woah, super crazy week, it feels like it passed super quick!

Last Wednesday! We went and saw some of the sites around Ravenna, it's
super gorgeous here! We actually see tour groups all the time around
town, which is kinda weird. We live right next to the tomb where the
famous writer Dante is buried and we pass it every night on our bikes,
so we went and checked it out for pday. Also, we went to this cool
church with a basement filled with mosaics and water. Ravenna is
apparently famous for mosaics. Then we checked out the duomo. After,
we had a lesson with a simp, Debora, she's really cute. Then we had
English class.

Thursday, we had zone training! It was good! It's not a very big zone
but we have a senior couple, which is fun. I also got my package!
Thanks so much! I saw the peanut butter cornflake treats and my comp
can attest that I shouted for joy :) Then we had mutual, it was fun.
And then branch counsel that night. It was good, we have some super
solid members here.

Friday, weekly planning! We went with Marisol, the Relief Society
president to give a sister her visiting teaching, it was good, they're
both super sweet ladies. That night we saw Sanela, a referral from
another simp. She's super legit, she is so open to learning and
totally understands what our purpose is and that we're here to teach
about the gospel, which is good, cause some people don't understand

Saturday, we had correlation with our ward mission leader in the
morning, he's super awesome. We have some branch activities coming up
and he's really trying to get the members excited to bring friends. We
saw Anna that night. She's really sweet. She's an older lady and not
really very interested in changing but she asks us to come and read
the Book of Mormon with her each week. After we went and saw Angelica.
She's a twelve year old girl and her family's not interested in
investigating but she is, so we're teaching her. She's super legit.

Sunday, we left home early to go pick up a simp for church and they
ended up backing out :( she had a valid excuse, her bike tires got
slashed, but still sad, she said she would next week. Church was good,
I was super surprised afterwards when I loaded my email and had like
30 birthday ones! I thought it had messed up! Thanks so much to
everyone for sending those, it really made my day :) We saw Marisol
and Antonio that afternoon. Marisol is the sweetest and Antonio is
super funny. There was a baptism for an 8 year old this afternoon and
the family was super sweet and when they found out it was my birthday
as well, they made me a cake :) it was tiramisu. We saw Valeria that
night. She's a simp I hadn't met yet, she's super sweet! Really fun.

Monday, district meeting! It's weird to have anziani again in my city:).
Their names are anziano Olsen and anziano Diego. We did finding
and met some really cool people, no one gave us their number, but we
got some pass along cards out there. That night we had Sabrina and
Paolo. This week, Sabrina taught us how to make gnocchi. Soooooo good!
It was a fun night. Sabrina's super awesome and she's having some
breakthroughs, she just has to really want it! 
Making gnocchi

Tuesday, we went with Marisol to do visiting teaching for Lucy. 
Then we met up with Sorella P, the ward mission leaders wife so she 
could go with us to a lesson with Monica, a simp. Having members at 
lessons is seriously so important! They can relate so well and really be 
friends to investigators. That afternoon, we hopped on a train to a 
paesino to see Liri, a less active member, but when we called her, she had
forgotten and wasn't at home, so that's a bummer. We saw Sanela again.
She's so great! She loved the plan of salvation and she was like,
listen this stuff is super important, so can you guys come when my
kids are at school so I can concentrate on it, and we said, of course!
Then FHE tonight. That's always really good.

Whew, and we've arrived to today! We're going to go see a few churches
and stuff around town, it should be really cool!
Well, thanks so much for everything you guys do! I love you all! Have
a great week!
Love, Sorella Snow

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